Which productsare the bestfor your skin?

The market is hopelessly overcrowded, with plenty of skincare products – all very similar to each other, none 100% matched to your personal skin needs.

No two people have exactly the same skin, as skin is affected by so many things: from the sports you do and how healthy your sleep habits are, to nicotine, alcohol and air pollution, to the spices and salts you put on your food, as well as your consumption of foods that build your skin cells.

The fact is, that the aging of the skincan not be stopped.

Smoking and direct skin contacts by sunlight cause the most intense oxidative stress to the skin, -that is, – the formation of free radicals. These molecules attack the cell structures, which are very important to the skin’s smoothness and firm appearance. Once the structure is weakened and collagen and elastin are broken down, skin aging accelerates.

Not every analysis is suitable for the production of cosmetic products.

Various companies offer different kinds of skin analysis, but not all the cosmetic products they produce really get results. Even a unique GEN analysis, which produces individualized cosmetic products, does not achieve a better effect than the already commercially available products. It is impossible to assess the nature and needs of your skin from a GEN analysis.

In 8 minutes, we perform a holistic skin analysis and determine precisely what your skin needs.

With CELAGEN™, we carry out a holistic skin analysis that discovers what your skin truly needs. In 8 minutes, our SkinCellReader™ takes in the information needed to create your own personal recipe. This analysis measures such quantities as moisture, fat content and pH, as well as determining the state of the acid mantle.

We supplement this data with additional information such as your age, sex, anomalies, allergies and other particularities of your skin. The SkinCellReader™ can be carried out in any of the shops listed under outlets on this website.

In just 4 days we produce your personal CELAGEN ™ cosmetic product corresponding 100% to your skin needs.

Using the data from your personal skin analysis, we use the CELLYSE™ algorithm in our laboratory to calculate the precise recipe for your own personal CELAGEN™ product. The program determines the optimal active ingredient concentrates from a selection of over 15 different active substance components. The computer-controlled process means that the precise amount of each concentration is added to the appropriate base cream. That personally produced CELAGEN™ care product corresponds 100% to your skin needs. And we produce it in just 4 days.

Trust that pays off- guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with your personal care product, we will refund the entire purchase price, excluding shipping costs. Just return it, with the receipt, to the shop where you bought it.