I overwhelmed everyone with my innovative and crazy business model

For many years I worked with national and international cosmetic laboratories to bring the perfect skincare
products to the market.

I received a lot of recognition for my new business idea, but nobody was interested in my crazy idea of making skincare products that are 100% tailored to each individual’s needs.

By chance I got to know the owner of the company SPAWAVE™, which has received several national and
international awards through her distinguished vision and actions in the field of wellbeing.

A new start with the company SwissSkintec which is mainly active in the manufacturing of luxury cosmetics

This offered a new start: she introduced me to the CEO of SwissSkintec™, which manufactures luxury cosmetics
predominantly for the international market, and I was able to convince him of my vision to seriously examine and
tackle this challenge.

The biggest challenge was to construct the machine, which uses an algorithm and a database of more than
8,000 stored skin readings to calculate the data of every single skin analysis, create a precise recipe for that skin and then produce the skincare product.

Indeed, in less than two years, we were able, in collaboration with our partners, to launch the ultimate anti-aging CELAGEN™ skincare products (Celagen enhances lasting amplification gently, effectively, naturally).

SwissSkintec™ Zurich, a division of ZMF-Global, continues to invest in producing high-quality
skincare products to supply
the worldwide market

With these and the upcoming products we have created something extremely innovative and best in class. It is
very gratifying that there are finally care products on the market that are 100% tailored to each person’s particular skin needs.

I’m convinced that you too will love these products, and should you feel that we are exaggerating, we will refund you the full amount of the purchase. I am already looking forward to inspiring and pampering you with our current and upcoming products, because the fact is, skin needs the right care to slow down skin aging.

Our products are manufactured and tested according to the strict requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation. This
also means they are dermatologically tested and approved. In addition, they are free of pore-clogging mineral
oils, allergenic lanolin, irritating artificial colors and fragrances, silicones, parabens, as well as dehydrating alcohol and formaldehyde and of course genetically engineered raw materials.

Belinda Savour